Our Working in Teams Courses

Advanced communication skills

This course covers many areas that help improve participant’s conversational skills. Core topics include understanding how people perceive the world and the impact of such perceptions on their behavior, avoiding blame when things go wrong, managing feelings, understanding the relationship between intentions and their influence and many other advanced topics. This course follows from Communication Skills Course. All topics are presented with plenty of examples where participants can easily see how the techniques covered in the course are applied in real life.

Handling difficult people

This is a course about handling difficult people, challenging situations and confrontations. Participants learn about characteristics associated with difficult people, the origin of their behavior and how best to deal with them. Participants are introduced to a variety of effective responses, learn how to deal with toxic words & phrases, how to resolve a confrontation, how to avoid blame games and many other topics. The training resources is full of practical examples, case studies, exercises, training games and role-plays with optional extra content to adjust the pace as trainers see fit.

How to influence

 In this soft skills course participants will learn the art of influence. Influencing is an interactive skill which needs lots of practicing to master and deliver naturally. This course is packed with exercises and guidelines based on the latest research on human psychology and academic theories on influence. Your participants can use this skill in many contexts such as sales, management, HR, team working, customer services and so on to maximize efficiency

Conflict management

 In this management course, participants learn how to perform conflict resolution, prevent discussions from escalating into conflicts, understand psychological tactics used on them and the best way to respond, negotiate and manage their emotions. Training resources is full of examples, exercises, activities and bite size training content. This course helps the participants to master the art of conflict management

Meeting skills

This is a focused course that teaches the participants how best to handle customers found in professional environments such as sales, progress meetings, consultancy meetings, customer services, management meetings and similar. This unique interactive course teaches the participants to master the art of professional communication, covering topics such as body language, negotiation, aggressive conversations, maintaining rapport and so on.

Listening skills

This soft skills course helps participants master the art of listening in both professional and personal settings. It contains different examples of good and bad conversations which allow participants to clearly see the effect of various methods. Interactive exercises help participants to apply the techniques they learned and practice listening in the training course. The training resources contain all the necessary content such as course notes, training workbook, power point slides and exercise to run the course.

Questioning skills

This course teaches participants to ask better questions. It provides a range of question types for different purposes along with examples for each type. Examples of conversations with questions are also provided to better show how each type is used in practice. A variety of training exercises are also included which help participants to learn questioning by working together in powerful, yet entertaining activities.

Persuasion skills

This course contains a wealth of knowledge on how to improve persuasion skills. Many areas are considered such as having the right attitude and mentality, using effective verbal and non-verbal techniques, making engaging and persuasive stories, preparing for an event where persuasion is required and preparing a written persuasive text or verbal speech. Comprehensive examples are provided for all of these areas along with interactive exercises so participants can master the skills in isolation during the course. The course contains optional exercises so you can extend the course as you see fit.

Difficult Conversations

In this course, participants learn how to go through emotional or intense conversations. Some conversations can make us angry, upset or hopeless and is important to know how to control our actions without getting overwhelmed by these emotions. This course also contains techniques on how to deliver bad news, how to empathize and how to apologize. The package includes all trainer resources and many exercises to help participants fully learn the skills during the course.