Our Executive Management Development courses

Leadership Skills

This intensive long management course prepares the participants for demanding leadership roles necessary in today’s competitive world. The course emphasizes on many emotional skills required for a leader, who must have vision, know how to manage stakeholders, boost the team’s moral, manage risk, exploit opportunities, spot trends and create a creative & motivating environment for the team to work in. This course contains many group exercises that encourage participants to practice leadership skills and learn how to handle a variety of common situations found while managing others.

Advanced Leaders

This course follows from Leadership Skills course and covers a variety of topics on communication skills, planning, decision making, public speaking and crisis management. The course is packed with examples, case studies, conversations and exercises on how to manage, communicate and motivate people to get the most from a team.

Project Management

This management course teaches the participants the art of being in the middle; how to handle people, stakeholders, resources, budget, assistants, technical issues, etc. A project manager must be able to handle all aspect of a project’s development and must see way into the future. This extensive course teaches the participants about standard techniques such as critical path planning, Gantt charts, planning & scheduling, etc. as well as team management, team leading, team building and emotional skills required for a successful project manager. The course contains many practical interactive exercises designed to facilitate the transfer of skills to the participants.

Team building

This highly interactive course introduces participants to the core principles of team building and team work including effective communication skills, problem solving skills, the value of cooperation in teams and many others. Team Building course offered by Ascend Institute is both entertaining and educational and takes advantage of modern efficient teaching methods to maximize knowledge transfer. Training resources contain a large number of exercises that you can choose from according to your specific needs.

Giving Feedback

This course helps participants provide effective feedback and, learn how best to receive feedback and encourage information transfer. It is an ideal course for management training. Participants learn the techniques by exploring good and bad examples and understand how to formulate their statements for best results. This is an interactive course with a variety of exercises in each session and contains all the necessary training resources needed to run it.

Creativity and Innovation

This course contains a variety of modern proven techniques to systematically teach participants on creativity and the nature of innovation. The techniques are accompanied with carefully designed exercises that help the participants, even those who think they are not creative, to become better at finding novel and original solutions to problems. Comprehensive instructions on how to run the course are provided along with extra exercises to extend the duration of the course based on your delegate’s specific needs and the time available for training.

Negotiation Skills

This course teaches the participants the art of negotiation. It covers core principles of negotiation in a variety of situations such as business to business negotiations, sales negotiations, product presentations, office negotiations, etc. It is an ideal course for management training. Training resources is packed with step-by-step guides, exercises, role plays and case studies along with comprehensive trainer notes that help trainers to quickly pick up this course and deliver it. Detailed content and optional exercises also allow you to extend the course to 1.5 days if you wish.

Coaching Skills

This management course contains a range of topics on modern coaching principles and covers areas such as the structure of your conversations, strategy & mentality, active listening techniques, several questioning methods, the GROW model, human behavior, motivational conversations, giving feedback or praise and many other relevant topics. The course is full of exercises, scenarios and case studies with example conversations. Participants will go through many group exercises to learn the art of asking the right questions and providing guidance & coaching.

Motivation, Persuasion & Creativity

As the title suggests, this course contains three distinct areas. Participants get to systematically perform self-examination to define what they want to achieve in life and get motivated as a result. Participants also learn how to become more creative and use novel tools to boost their creative mind. This skill is useful in many areas in everyday life, but it also helps them to become more creative about what they want to achieve in life which fits nicely with the motivation part of the course. The course also covers persuasion techniques, confidence boosting exercises and basics of NLP all provide with many interactive exercises.

Delegation Skills

In this course, participants will learn how to delegate tasks to others. Most people find delegating difficult. This could be because they don’t want to lose control, not sure how to delegate or believe they can do a better job themselves. Participants will learn how to overcome these barriers using a systematic approach to delegation. They will be introduced to various strategies and learn what to do to get the best results. Various exercises on all levels are provided that help participants build up their skills through the course using realistic scenarios. The training materials contain these exercises as well as other training resources necessary to run this course.

Change Management

This one day course is suitable for anyone facing change in the workplace, whether initiating it yourself, having it thrust upon you or managing other people through it. This course will cover understanding of the impact of change, supporting and preparing for impeding changes, managing others through changes in your workplace, getting buy –in, dealing with resistance, managing your organization through difficult changes, becoming an agent for change, and gaining increased confidence and motivation

Today's marketing plans are backed up with statistical analysis (SWOT/GAP/PEST/RISK) to generate significant results all companies must perform better, yet few can do it without predictable results and fewer can do it without setting the knowledge base for right behavioral pattern. So if you want to broaden the impact of leadership management this is where Coachingcomes in; process of developing people's skills and abilities, and of boosting performance.

Ascend transforms managers into leaders or strong professionals who perform effectively as change agents, project leaders and good communicators to direct their teams up to the ladders of success.

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