Our Assessment Tools

Just because you know things aren’t working as they should doesn’t necessarily mean you know why things aren’t going to plan. Business leaders, now more than ever before, need to “look”, “think”, and go through a “shift in mindset” in order to process a new perspective of situations.

You may already know what the problem is but not everyone in your company agrees with you. You might know what you want to do but you simply need guidance before action or to slow down: reflect, consult, refine, and then act in order to achieve your goals in the least amount of time, costs and with lower risks.

Ascend is regularly called upon to conduct assessments that help clients identify or confirm a problem or an opportunity. Sometimes these assessments are comprehensive or highly focused, each providing some kind of evaluation of the current situation, gaps, obstacles, and risks that stand in the way of reaching your desired goal.

The Performance plan:

6 Page 33 Performance Plan          

Ascend will work directly with you to assess the needs of the company and help you achieve operational excellence. We will provide a new philosophy, mindset, and roadmap based on high performance key indicatorsthat can guide your organization down the path of excellence. Every organization seeks excellence, but not everyone reaches high performance.  

The Bell curve:

7 Page - Graph    

The Grow model

8 Page 36 The Grow Model 

As a manager you should ask yourself if your operational system and ability to execute new directives are effective enough, or if you are working through an inefficient delivery process. Ascend will bring up the necessary changes for you to become a professional leader, and will provide a team coach to deliver a program that will transforms your organizational culture into the one that fits.


The Leadership types

9 Page 37 Leadership Types

Transformational leadership is the most effective business model which highlights visionary thinking and brings about changes to maximize your performance and minimize high staff turnover.


With Ascend learn how to maintain a strong operational team through refreshing training on methods tools and statistical analysis as needed.

>>Understand the behavioral factors that are critical to success and manage the organizational aspect of change.

>>Train managers’ business leaders and executives through awareness program and develop tools for operational excellence that meets the organization needs and goals

>>Learn how to identify areas of improvement and know which type of approach is needed for your achievements.

>> Learn from our program how to make decisions, the biggest challenge facing companies lies in the decision making process, managers make decisions that are not fully studied and understood lacking foresight.

>>Learn how to build a solid knowledge base on which to grow sustainable efforts. Ascend will work with you to manage a performance improvement program that aligns with the organizational goals, delivering results and keeping ROI high.

At Ascend we will help you improve your performance develop and train your implementation teams within your management structure evaluating progress, identifying weaknesses and uncovering opportunities to grow.


The ADKAR learning model:

10 Page 39 ADKAR