About Us

Welcome to Ascend Institute. We focus on helping leaders achieve greater results through tailored consulting workshops and training programs.

Our Mission

ASCEND Institute is a self-funded social enterprise founded in 2011 with the aim of building and improving the capacity of human resources and the leadership capabilities of its clients. Our Leadership Development Programs are designed to help private and public companies, NGOs, and individuals attain higher performance through effective inspiration and motivation. Using our highly interactive and professional experimental learning methodologies, Ascend can help develop and enhance employee’s skillsets, keeping organisations ahead of the curve and in-front of the competition. Ascend Institute currently has offices in Egypt and the United Kingdom.

We already cater to a range of high-profile clients from various industries. Our custom-made tailored programs have already been taken advantage of by the likes of Vodafone, Samsung, Oracle, Microsoft, Ford, KPMG, Honeywell, Cargill, and by governmental legislative organizations such as the European Commission, all of whom have appreciated the quality of the services we have on offer. We instruct our clients with highly qualified coaches, using proven custom made tailored programs, development learning models, and performance assessment tools, making our courses like no others.

Our specialization in coaching skills and mission to provide the most advanced and highest quality training services available helps keep us ahead of our competitors, and can help ensure you remain ahead of yours too. When it comes to flexible, interactive training, Ascend offers the most effective training solutions to meet your needs.



To create a world of leaders, achieved by a change in behaviour and through our innovative methods. Learn with us how to lead and grow professionally in today’s increasingly challenging economic environment. With our courses we can help you and your business focus on improving cost-effectiveness, maximizing profitability, developing strategic alliances, creating a stream-lined and quality-driven organization.



To help business leaders develop and enhance their skills through highly interactive and experimental learning methodologies to efficiently inspire and motivate their organization for higher performance achievements.

In this respect Ascend Institute offers an ever-expanding portfolio of value-added business related services. These services, combined with our passion for leadership excellence, are the most essential ingredients for success. We specialize in management consulting, human resource development, change management, organizational behavior and much more… 



Corporate training has been the gold standard in keeping employees skills competitive and increasing an organization's value in the marketplace. A 2009 survey in the Harvard business Review found that nearly 50% of subscribers identified corporate training the most effective and appropriate way of growing their business (Harvard 2009).

In today's competitive environment employees must learn faster and better than the competition in order to stay ahead. What's the best way to ensure that employees still get the training they need?

Ascend’s In-House training programs effectively address these challenges. With good planning, delivering an in-house training program can be surprisingly straightforward. It can cost less, provide appropriately tailored programs according to the needs of the organization, and be offered to the client where and when they need it.

Our courses make use of the Accelerated Learning Model (AL); this allows for maximum positive group dynamics during a continuous learning and practice process. Naturally this enhances retention and discussion levels, and will ensure the knowledge will remain with participants long after the course has ended. Accelerated learning is key to Ascend Institute. 



At Ascend we understand the importance of ownership; the principle concern of all managers regarding their own business is that “the only industry that matters is your industry”. Therefore, prior to conducting in-house training courses Ascend Institute will analyze the needs of your organization.  Based on this analysis a proposal will be submitted to you for your approval in which a thorough training plan is presented with its benefits and the expected outcome. This plan will include a description of all the development phases your organization will require to undertake, including the proposed courses, as well as the schedule of execution we will follow. Once this proposal is accepted and training has commenced, a high quality report will follow providing you with feedback throughout the process. After the training has been completed, another analysis will be performed in which the next phase of skill development will be planned and delivered.